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Statute OForum

OForum Bylaws

Statute of the All-Ukrainian National Journalism Award OForum


Article 1: Name and Objectives of the Award

1.1. Name of the award: All-Ukrainian National Media Award OForum (hereinafter referred to as the award).

1.2. Objectives of the award: To support and recognize outstanding achievements in the field of journalism, television, radio, and public speaking in Ukraine. To encourage quality journalistic work and promote professional development in the media industry.


Article 2: Categories of Nominations

The OForum Award will be presented annually in the following six categories:

2.1. The «MediaMind» award for contributions to the development of media literacy and critical thinking in the
information space.
2.2. The «MediaInnovator» award for innovative approaches and contributions to the development of media
technologies and projects.
2.3. The «MediaEthics» recognition for high journalistic ethics standards and objectivity in reporting events.
2.4. The «MediaImpact» award for active participation in social projects and contributions to increasing public
2.5. The «MediaVoice» award for creative approaches and the ability to engage the audience in important topics and
2.6. The «MediaCollaborator» award for successful partnerships between media organizations and joint contributions to
media education and information security.


Article 3: Evaluation and Selection Criteria

3.1. The evaluation and selection criteria for winners in each category will be determined by the organizers of the OForum Award.

3.2. Evaluation will be based on professional skills, creative approach, innovation, impact on public opinion, and contribution to the development of journalism.


Article 4: Nomination and Voting Procedure

4.1. The nomination and voting process will be conducted in accordance with the rules established by the organizers of the OForum Award.

4.2. Nominees in each category will be selected based on recommendations submitted by the public, professional organizations, and the expert jury of the award.

4.3. Voting may be conducted through open public voting or closed voting by the expert jury, depending on the decision of the organizers of the award.

4.4 Submission Phase. Media professionals, organizations, or individuals submit entries for consideration for various award categories. Entries may include portfolios, projects, or initiatives that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and contributions to the media sector. The final date to submit the entries is June 30th.

4.5. Initial Screening. The jury panel, consisting of esteemed members conducts an initial screening to assess the relevance and alignment of each entry with the award categories.
Comprehensive Evaluation. Judges thoroughly evaluate each entry based on predetermined criteria through February 1st to July 31st. This evaluation may include considerations for innovation, impact, societal contribution, and adherence to ethical standards in journalism.
4.6. Nomination Criteria. Each award category likely has specific criteria tailored to its purpose:
4.6.1. MediaMind Award: Contributions to the development of media literacy and critical thinking.
4.6.2. MediaInnovator Award: Innovative approaches and contributions to media technologies.
4.6.3. MediaImpact Award: Active participation in social projects and contributions to public awareness.
4.6.4. MediaEthics Recognition: High journalistic ethics standards and objectivity.
4.6.5. MediaCollaborator Award: Successful partnerships between media organizations and media presence.
4.6.6. MediaVoice Award: Creative approaches and audience engagement in important topics.

4.7. Collaborative Review. The jury members engage in collaborative discussions to share their insights, perspectives, and expertise on the entries. This collaborative review process ensures a comprehensive assessment during a General Meeting
4.8. Winner Selection. Based on the evaluations and discussions, the jury selects winners for each award category until August 31st. Winners may be chosen for their exceptional contributions, influence, and positive impact on the media landscape.
4.9. Public Recognition. The OForum Ukraine Media Prize announces and publicly recognizes the winners, bringing attention to their achievements and contributions on the chosen date every September.


Article 5: Award Ceremony

5.1. The OForum Award ceremony will be held annually to announce the winners in each category.

5.2. The venue, date, and format of the ceremony will be determined by the organizers of the award and announced in advance.

5.3. The award ceremony will be attended by high-ranking representatives of the journalism community, professional organizations, and sponsors of the award.


Article 6: Awards and Prizes

6.1. Winners in each category will be awarded with corresponding diplomas or other symbolic prizes determined by the organizers of the award.

6.2. Winners may also receive additional prizes provided by sponsors and partners of the award.


Article 7: Organizers of the Award

7.1. The organizers of the All-Ukrainian National Journalism Award OForum are the Institute of Journalism of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, M.P. Drahomanov National Pedagogical University, STB TV Channel, Public Television, and Internews.


Article 8: Entry into Force

8.1. This statute enters into force upon its acceptance by the organizers of the award.

8.2. Any amendments and additions to the statute must be approved by the organizers of the award and come into effect after their approval.


Article 9: Jury Requirements

9.1. Jury members must be outstanding and recognized professionals in the field of media in Ukraine.

9.2. Jury members must have significant experience in journalism, television, radio, or public speaking for at least 10 years.

9.3. Jury members must be laureates of international or national awards and members of relevant media organizations.

9.4. Jury members must participate in rating television, radio, or other media projects, have high ratings and their own audience, and host their own programs.

9.5. Jury members must have broad knowledge, good taste, and the ability to objectively evaluate the quality and impact of participants' work in the award.

9.6. Jury members must uphold high moral and professional standards, as well as maintain confidentiality of information related to the evaluation and voting process.

9.7. The organizers of the award may establish additional requirements for jury members in accordance with the objectives and tasks of the award.

9.8. The Head of the Jury Committee should be elected once in 4 years through a confidential ballot during the General Meeting of the jury committee.


Article 10: Jury Selection and Operation

10.1. The jury is formed by the organizers of the award through a competitive process or by inviting outstanding experts in the field of media.

10.2. The jury should consist of the most experienced and influential representatives of the media community in Ukraine.

10.3. The jury should conduct the evaluation and voting process fairly, independently, and without bias.

10.4. Jury members should carefully review the works submitted by the award participants and make informed decisions when selecting the winners.

10.5. The jury should convene for meetings, discussions of the works, and decision-making according to the schedule provided by the organizers of the award.

10.6. Jury decisions are made by a majority vote and are final and binding for the organizers of the award.


Article 11: Sponsorship and Funding

11.1. The organizers of the award may attract sponsors and partners to finance and support the award's implementation.

11.2. Sponsors and partners may provide financial resources, prizes, services, or other forms of support according to the agreement between the organizers of the award and the sponsors.

11.3. The organizers of the award commit to using the financial resources received from sponsors and partners in accordance with the objectives and tasks of the award, as well as within the established budget.


Article 12: Confidentiality Rules

12.1. The organizers of the award undertake to maintain the confidentiality of participants' personal data and other confidential information obtained during the award process.

12.2. The use of participants' personal data is allowed only for the purposes of conducting the award and in accordance with the applicable personal data processing legislation.


Article 13: Amendment of the Statute

13.1. The organizers of the award have the right to make changes and additions to the award's statute at their discretion.

13.2. Changes and additions to the statute must be officially communicated to the award participants and come into effect upon their approval by the organizers.


Date of statute acceptance: February 12,  2015

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