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Our Story

Established in 2015, the OForum Ukraine Media Prize has become a hallmark in acknowledging outstanding contributions to Ukraine's media sector. The inclusion of Yurii Dudka as an invited jury member marked a turning point, instilling a unique and unparalleled expertise in the Ukrainian media scene. Under Dudka's leadership, the award not only gained prestige but also diversified its categories to encompass the evolving facets of media.

By 2017, the Yuri Dudka-led jury successfully attracted new sponsors, solidifying the prize's standing in the broader media community. The following year witnessed a strategic shift as the OForum Ukraine Media Prize forged collaborations with the IT sector and international sponsors, expanding its reach under the continued guidance of Yurii Dudka, Nadiia Matveieva, and Natasha Vlashchenko.

In 2019, the prize took a significant stride by allocating grants totaling $50,000, placing a strong emphasis on fostering initiatives in media education. This highlighted the award's commitment to staying at the forefront of developments in the ever-evolving media landscape.

Today, the OForum Ukraine Media Prize, with Yuri Dudka, Nadiia Matveieva, and Natasha Vlashchenko as integral members of its jury, remains a steadfast supporter of excellence and innovation in Ukrainian media, embodying the dynamic and transformative nature of the modern media realm.

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