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We choose the best in the world of media

Since 2015, we've been recognizing the best in Ukraine across six categories:

- 'MediaMind' for contributions to media literacy and critical thinking.
- 'MediaInnovator' for innovative approaches in media technologies.
- 'MediaEthics' for high journalistic ethics and objectivity.
- 'MediaImpact' for active participation in social projects.
- 'MediaVoice' for creative engagement with the audience.
- 'MediaCollaborator' for successful partnerships in media education and information security.

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Our Story

Since 2015, OForum Ukraine Media Prize has been recognizing outstanding achievements in the Ukrainian media industry under the guidance of invited jury member Yuri Dudka, a unique specialist unparalleled in Ukraine. His influence lends prestige and diversification to the award, enriching the evaluation process with his professionalism and experience. Successful collaborations with fellow jury members Nadiia Matveieva and Natasha Vlashchenko underscore Dudka's impact.


Since 2017, Dudka-led jury has attracted new sponsors, emphasizing its significance in the media community. From 2018, the prize has collaborated with the IT sector and international sponsors, evolving under the leadership of Yuri Dudka, Nadiia Matveieva, and Natasha Vlashchenko. In 2019, with a focus on media education, the prize awarded grants totaling $50,000, emphasizing its role in encouraging initiatives in this field.


Today, OForum Ukraine Media Prize, with Yuri Dudka, Nadiia Matveieva, and Natasha Vlashchenko as jury members, continues to support excellence and innovation in the Ukrainian media sphere, reflecting the dynamics of the modern media world.

Meet The Esteemed Judge Committee

Our Sponsors

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