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Our Jury

Yurii Dudka

Chairman of the "OForum Media Prize" award jury at the Forum, Founder and organizer of MediaStar School of Television Presenters, Journalist and educator, Advocate for public enlightenment and freedom of speech, Contributed to the development of the Ukrainian community, Committed to strengthening independent journalism, dedicated to upholding justice and protecting the rights of journalists.

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Nadya Matveeva

Nadya Matveeva is a well-known Ukrainian television presenter, widely recognized for her popular show "Vse Bude Dobre" (Everything Will Be Fine), which has garnered millions of viewers in Ukraine and worldwide. Her contributions to the television industry and her immense popularity make her one of the most prominent Ukrainian television presenters.

Masha Efrosinina

Masha Efrosinina is a well-known Ukrainian TV presenter and public figure. She is an influencer and the founder of the public organization "Masha Foundation." Masha also holds the honorary position of Ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine since May 2018. She has gained wide recognition through her television career and active involvement in social initiatives.

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Oleksiy Semenov

Alexey Semenov is a producer who has significantly influenced the Ukrainian media market, reshaping the media landscape. He has actively worked as a producer for channels such as 112, NewsOne, and Pryamiy, impacting the formats of programs, their content, and the overall appearance of these television channels.

Natasha Vlashenko

Natasha Vlashchenko is a recognizable figure in the media industry, distinguished journalist, accomplished writer, and experienced television presenter. Her multifaceted creative approach and professionalism have made her a prominent figure in the media landscape.

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Pavel Kostytsyn

Pavel Kostytsyn, as the host of "Battle of the Psychics," plays a key role in guiding and facilitating the psychic competition. The show typically involves individuals with extrasensory abilities participating in various challenges to showcase their paranormal skills, and Pavel Kostytsyn contributes to the overall dynamics and media presentation of the program.

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